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  1. My favorite Hol­i­day is Christ­mas time because there is a slight chance of cool air in Florida and we’re always around fam­ily. And if you give them enough Egg Nog, they start telling the good stories. :)

  2. Christ­mas! I love to cel­e­brate with lots of baked goods, yummy food, and lots of fam­ily time! Also every Christ­mas sea­son we always have to watch National Lam­poons Christ­mas Vacation! :)

  3. You gotta be… Holy giveaway,lady! Con­grats sweet friend. Thanks for host­ing such an amaz­ing give­away.

  4. My favorite is Thanks­giv­ing. I love to gook and bake so shar­ing my culi­nary skills with fam­ily and friends is always a joy to me.

  5. My favorite cel­e­bra­tions are birth­day par­ties for my chil­dren! We go all out!!

  6. I love to cel­e­brate my children’s birthday’s! It is their spe­cial day! :)

  7. Jossie Pacheco says:

    My favorite is Thanks­giv­ing in Puerto Rico we don’t get the change to see the won­der­ful array of col­ors that fall brings…

  8. I love cel­e­brat­ing Hal­loween. My extended fam­ily all get together and we have lots of yummy food, fun games, and lots of laughs.

    Thank you!

  9. I love hal­loween and all the fun items you can make in the kitchen for your friends and family

  10. Birth­days are by far the best! It’s the one time every­one cel­e­brates that indi­vid­ual per­son. Fam­ily, friends, smiles, laugh­ter, bal­loons, dessert, can­dles and lots of singing Happy Birthday! :-)

  11. My fav hol­i­day are birth­days bc we cel­e­brate with fam and eat lots of cake.

  12. I love cel­e­brat­ing my children’s birth­days. I start plan­ning weeks in advance and love doing as much as I can myself, includ­ing the invitations!

  13. we have a large fam­ily (74 imme­di­ate). we get together for all birth­days to cel­e­brate, if your 1 or 85. so much fun and fam­ily time. we have so many ideas from all your sites. would really love to WIN a prize and make the next party really special.

  14. I love birth­days!!! It really enjoy mak­ing my chil­drens birth­day extra spe­cial and I also to to be a kid again.…

  15. HUGE con­grats Lyn­lee! Such a well-deserved mile­stone for one of the sweet­est & most tal­ented peo­ple ever! You know me…I like cel­e­brat­ing EVERY chance I get. I espe­cially LOVE Halloween!

  16. Lisa Gunter says:

    I love Christ­mas! Always a fun hol­i­day with fam­ily and decorating.

  17. Holy Moly!!! That is one HUGE give­away! Con­grats sweet friend!!

  18. I love Christmas.…decorating, shop­ping, bak­ing, you name it!

  19. My favorite hol­i­day is any day that I can spend with my Mother. She is such an inspi­ra­tional per­son but due to her health prob­lems I am lim­ited in see­ing her. Thanks­giv­ing is always my favorite because we tend to over cook and spend count­less hours try­ing to fig­ure out who putting the food up and tak­ing the rest home.

  20. My favorite hol­i­days are my kids birth­days. I love being to find that spe­cial “theme” that rep­re­sents there year and and every­thing about them. I love to see the excite­ment in their faces as we pre­pare for that spe­cial day with fam­ily and friends.

  21. Jennifer MC says:

    I’d have to go with Christ­mas. Out of all the hol­i­days, it just feels the warmest! What with all the bak­ing, wrap­ping, vis­it­ing, eat­ing, etc., it just seems more fun than the rest! Espe­cially now, since my daugh­ter can rip open her own presents–she just turned one this past June!

  22. Christ­mas!!! I love spend­ing time with my fam­ily and mak­ing mem­o­ries that will always last!

  23. Christ­mas is my favorite hol­i­day and I love to be with my fam­ily & friends dur­ing this time. :)

  24. I love Thanks­giv­ing, because it is all about being grate­ful (AND GOOD FOOD) and no stress of gifts and giv­ing the “right” thing!!!!

  25. love it all!!

  26. My favorite hol­i­day is Christ­mas because it has so many fun traditions

  27. My favorite Hol­i­day or Cel­e­bra­tion would have to be my mom’s birth­day .. She’s the only one of us born in the sum­mer (august 18th to be exact) and we always end out the year with a great theme party to cel­e­brate all august birth­days ! (we’ve done Luau’s, Pirates of the Caribbean, Wood­stock, etc..) it’s just a great time for everyone

  28. Sandra Dones says:

    Hands down…Birthday parties!!

  29. I love Christ­mas season…the smells, the lights, the weather, the hol­i­day spirit, the sweet treats. Grow­ing up we had so many tra­di­tions and I am excited to imple­ment them into my grow­ing lit­tle family!

  30. My favorite seems to be which ever one is com­ing up next…any chance to focus on family:)

  31. Wow!! what a SWEET! give­away.… It would be so sweet to win for my lit­tle sweet­heart! Keep­ing my fin­gers crossed.

  32. We love to dec­o­rate for Christ­mas and the hubs and I go shop­ping with­out the kids and have a din­ner date– which is rare these days!

  33. Hal­loween is really our favorite hol­i­day filled all month long with cel­e­bra­tions includ­ing our Annual Pump­kin Carv­ing Party! But really, there is a rea­son to cel­e­brate every occa­sion! Con­grats on your 10K fans! You deserve it!!!

  34. My fam­ily loves Hal­loween. We usu­ally cel­e­brate by going to the pump­kin patch, dec­o­rat­ing our house with spooky dec­o­ra­tions, trick-or-treating, and carv­ing pump­kins. I also like to sew my kids’ costumes.

  35. Nicola Rawson says:

    I love to cel­e­brate the start of every New Year… new begin­nings and another 365 days of hopes dreams and fresh ideas!! Con­grats on your sucess xx

  36. These are all fantastic

  37. My favorite hol­i­day is Christ­mas! Jesus is the rea­son for the sea­son!! + fam­ily, friends, & good food :)

  38. New years eve… I always cel­e­brate with my fam­ily & closet friends with a small gath­er­ing at my place.

  39. New years eve… I always cel­e­brate with my fam­ily & closet friends with a small gath­er­ing at my place.

  40. My favorite, now that I have chil­dren, is their birth­days! So much fun to dec­o­rate and think like a kid again… :)

  41. Christ­mas Eve is my FAV

    I took over the annual hol­i­day from my grand­mother about 15 years ago, since none of her daugh­ters were up for the chal­lenge and I felt my grand­mother deserved to enjoy and relax dur­ing the hol­i­days, I began a new fam­ily tra­di­tion of Christ­mas Eve din­ner. Grand­fa­ther would pick out the main course and I would build a 5 course menu around it. Last Novem­ber we lost my grand­fa­ther at the age of 87, we had indi­vid­ual Beef Welling­tons in his memory.

  42. My daugh­ters bday , with a awe­some party!

  43. My favorite hol­i­day is Christ­mas because of the bak­ing and of the fam­ily com­ing together!

  44. Incred­i­ble prizes, awe­some ven­dors = great fam­ily mem­o­ries in the making!

  45. I’m a mom of 6 chil­dren so I love all Hol­i­days! We have so much fun dec­o­rat­ing and we love to bake and EAT! I’d have to say Christ­mas is my favorite though because every­one gets some­thing spe­cial and every­one con­tributes to all the plan­ning. Great prizes! Thanks!

  46. Christ­mas! All of my fam­ily stays at one house on Christ­mas Eve and wake up to open presents then a huge break­fast then a HUGE fam­ily dinner!!!!

  47. I love to cel­e­brate birth­days by bak­ing cup­cakes for fam­ily and friends and either bake their favorite fla­vors or bake a fla­vor that reminds me of them. And try the newest foodie restaurant!

  48. I love to cel­e­brate birth­days by bak­ing cup­cakes for fam­ily and friends and either bake their favorite fla­vors or bake a fla­vor that reminds me of them. And try the newest foodie restaurant!

  49. Anonymous says:

    My favorite hol­i­day is Hal­loween. We go to the pump­kin patch every year and carve pump­kins, roast the seeds, and watch Hocus Pocus. Laura S laura_lee_73@hotmail.com

  50. Thanks­giv­ing is my fav! Food, fam­ily and fun!

  51. I just LOVE this time of year! Hal­loween, Thanks­giv­ing, Christmas…they are all my favorite!!! :) The smells, col­ors, food, time with family…it doesn’t get better!

    Great prizes and great ven­dors!!! Thanks you for this oppor­tu­nity! daysydesigns@yahoo.com

  52. What a great party and great vendors!!

  53. Maricel Quirante says:

    What a won­der­ful oppor­tu­nity to win such awe­some things! Con­grat­u­la­tions on a great milestone!

    Thank you!!!!

  54. Christ­mas is my favorite! I will be dec­o­rat­ing Novem­ber 1st haha. My babies first birth­day in June will also be super excit­ing next year. Think­ing about doing a mer­maid pool party eeek.

  55. Anonymous says:

    I just love all of the face­book pages and blogs from all of the ven­dors. It makes party plan­ning etc… so much easier!

  56. With 3 kids there is always some­thing to celebrate

  57. Birthdays…we. Cel­e­brate all month long

  58. Anonymous says:

    Great Give­away! I love Valentine’s Day! Spend­ing times with love ones!

  59. I love all things party!

  60. Awe­some giveaway!

  61. I love Christ­mas! The lights, the giv­ing, the family. :)

  62. I just love to party! Any excuse, any day of the year!

  63. I love birthdays!

  64. My favorite Hol­i­day is Thanks­giv­ing the whole fam­ily gets together and the food is just AWESOME!

    later tater,

  65. I love birth­days because I love cake :-) We always cel­e­brate with cake!

  66. I love Christ­mas, the lights and the eggnog!!! the smell of the Christ­mas tree fill­ing the house with the beau­ti­ful scent of pine. and the ceel­e­bra­tion of Christs birth! what a won­der­ful time of year

  67. Jamie Alice says:

    Cel­e­brat­ing any occa­sion with the peo­ple I love is my pick! But if I had to choose.. birth­days because I enjoy mak­ing my friends and fam­ily feel spe­cial :). (I like being the bday queen too! ) :)

  68. I love all cel­e­bra­tions, but Christ­mas would be at the top of the list! The lights, the spirit, the mer­ri­ment! Love it all!

    Great give­away! Good luck to all!

  69. Hal­loween. Because I love see­ing all the kids dressed up in their cos­tumed. We all go to my daugh­ters house have chili for din­ner. Then all of us moms take the kids Trick or Treat­ing while the dads stay home hand­ing out candy.

  70. Anniver­saries. I love cel­e­brat­ing the union of marriage.

  71. Hal­loween is My favorite because it is the start of “Fall” and the “Holidays”.…but this year our favorite cel­e­bra­tion is the Home­com­ing of our Son from Afghanistan!! :) Woo hoo!!!

  72. Pamela E. says:

    I love Christ­mas. I love spend­ing time with fam­ily, watch­ing the kids open presents and watch­ing ‘A Christ­mas Story’ over and over and over.…

  73. I Love christ­mas the most because you get a chance to get together with friends and fam­ily and there are always awe­some presents/decor and desserts to put into your mouth ;)

  74. Thank you so much!! I love all of the hol­i­days because we can spend time with family!

  75. my favorite is Christ­mas„ I guess because its my b day„ hahaha

  76. I love Christ­mas and my lit­tle one’s Birth­day. It’s always great to all get together and enjoy some yummy treats. I love this give­away, thank you!

  77. Anonymous says:

    What an amaz­ing give­away — thanks for intro­duc­ing me to all these won­der­ful small busi­nesses. Hal­loween is my favorite hol­i­day. While I adore the Christ­mas sea­son, it is too stress­ful!
    Susan Schrock

  78. Katie Leavy says:

    We cel­e­brate birth­days, Christ­mas and Easter the most! Such impor­tant days that we love to share, and enjoy together and will all!

  79. Christ­mas! Hands down…love cel­e­brat­ing the birth of our Sav­ior and enjoy­ing all of the fam­ily time. The lights and tree are a bonus as well :)

  80. My favorite hol­i­day is Christ­mas by far. I love gify giv­ing and I love to make my own gifts as of recently, like the last 2 years. I love to watch the people’s faces as they open my gifts, it is the best reward!

  81. Christ­mas is my favorite hol­i­day <3
    It’s just a spe­cial time to spend with my hubby, kids & our choco­late lab, enjoy­ing the lighted Christ­mas tree & other lighted dec­o­ra­tions, bak­ing, cook­ing, watch­ing Christ­mas movies, sleep­ing in, no school for kids.… just good qual­ity fam­ily time:) ohhh, hot cocoa:D The reli­gious aspect too going to Mass with my fam­ily is the main focus^i^

  82. WOW!!! What amaz­ing prizes.… I love all and any spe­cial occa­sions and rea­sons to CELEBRATE!

  83. Anonymous says:

    Great prizes!!!

  84. Amaz­ing! Good luck to everyone!

  85. Dora Sanchez says:

    Every­thing is SOOO CUTE!!! Hope I win!!!

  86. i LOVE Christ­mas!!! i usu­ally make presents by hand, LOVE get­ting together with fam­ily. <3

  87. Love all the prizes!!!

  88. Tiffany P. says:

    I love Thanks­giv­ing <3 it is by far my favorite holiday!

  89. Christ­mas! We cel­e­brate small in the morn­ing & then have a big din­ner with family.

  90. Christ­mas is my favorite. I love dec­o­rat­ing and all the lights. Cook­ing each per­sons favorite dur­ing the Christ­mas season!

  91. After los­ing my Father-in-law this sum­mer, my sweet kids no longer have liv­ing Grand­par­ents to help make hol­i­days extra spe­cial… So I want to begin mak­ing the hol­i­days extra-sparkly for my kids. I want to start cre­at­ing our own spe­cial tra­di­tions to weave together with the fam­ily tra­di­tions handed down. And I get so many cre­ative ideas from you and all your give away part­ners! Thank you so much and CONGRATS!!!

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  93. I love all hol­i­days! I cel­e­brate every­thing with sweets :) Unfor­tu­nately, I live in Shang­hai so I’m often the only one who really gets into celebrations :(

  94. My favorite is Christ­mas! We always get to spend time with fam­ily and friends unlike other hol­i­days where we are all split up.

  95. Love Christ­mas! My kids are just old enough now to know who Santa is!

  96. Helen Kurtz says:

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE Christ­mas because I get to help my fam­ily wrap all the presents except the ones for me of course!! :D I sim­ply love gift wrap­ping and the pretty bows!!

  97. It would have to be between Hal­loween and Christ­mas. I love the dress­ing up part of Hal­loween and the dec­o­rat­ing and gift open­ing of Christmas!

  98. My favorite thing to cel­e­brate is Arbor Day!

  99. My kids are 2-yrs and 4-yrs old so cel­e­brat­ing their birth­days is a pretty big deal. They love help­ing to chose the theme. Of course Christ­mas and Hal­loween would be a close second.

  100. I love any hol­i­day I can dec­o­rate my house for. But Christ­mas may be my favorite. I love gift giving.

  101. Marsha Marie says:

    First, THANK YOU for such an *INCREDIBLE* give­away! My favorite hol­i­day is Thanks­giv­ing. To me, it’s what it’s all about. Being thank­ful for all my bless­ings, lov­ing fam­ily & won­der­ful friends. I love to cook up all my favorites for an open house I call “Friend’s Feast” — it’s become a cher­ished tra­di­tion. Of course, I can’t for­get my birth­day! The *BEST* hol­i­day *EVER*! ;o)~ *fin­gers crossed*

  102. This is an amaz­ing give­away! Con­grat­u­la­tions on your huge mile­stone!!! And my favorite hol­i­day is NYE!!! Lots of sequins, glit­ter, cham­pagne, and promises for the new year. : )

  103. Wow what an awe­some give­away! I love all the hol­i­days, but my spe­cial­ity is dec­o­rat­ing for birth­days. The kids have a sur­prise them every year and the house is all dec­o­rated in that theme when they wake up on birth­day morning.

  104. My favorite is Hal­loween… it’s close to my birth­day (the 29th) and Autumn is my favorite time of year so it all just comes together for the per­fect day!

  105. My favorite is Christ­mas! We love the cooler weather, fam­ily, the dec­o­rat­ing, and spend­ing Christ­mas day open­ing presents with the kids!


  106. I love christmas!!


  107. Anonymous says:

    i like thanks­giv­ing because there is so much to be thank­ful for and about with.
    glori john­son

  108. Christ­mas! This year we are doing it in Mex­ico and I can­not wait!

  109. Jessica McMasters says:

    I love Christ­mas! I love being able to cel­e­brate it as a big fam­ily!!

  110. Karen Robertson says:

    I love Christ­mas.. there is noth­ing bet­ter than watch­ing the big smile on my kids faces when they truly “believe” that Santa Claus gave them a gift for being so good.


  111. Any hol­i­day is spe­cial to me!! The more the Merrier.….…hehehe! But yes, Christ­mas is my fave!! Love love the hol­i­day spirit!!!!


  112. I look for­ward to thanks­giv­ing the most! Q

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